Liar! Fan Calls Out Wizkid For Making Fake Promises


Star boy, Wizkid has been called out on social media
by users who are concerned about the inactivity of
Ahmed – the boy Wizkid publicly announced his
signing to Star boy entertainment, late last year.

During Wizkid’s December 2017 Lagos concert,
he brought a boy whose name was given as
Ahmed, to the stage and made a promise to sign
him to his label and give him N10 million. The
moment Wizkid made the promise was captured
in a video that went viral, and got a lot of fans
excited about the new addition to the Star boy

However, about half a year after Wizkid made
the promise, nothing has been heard from
Ahmed and people are starting to raise eye
brows. ‘Where is Ahmed?’, ‘Did Wizkid not sign
him?’, ‘Or did the Star boy tell a lie about signing
him to score some PR points?’,

‘how about Basit –
the mechanic boy who Wizkid promised to
sponsor through school?’, these are the questions
being raised on social media and Wizkid is at the
center of it all.


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